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All for one, one for all

a social mission for the safety of those who need it most

How it works

Help when it's needed most

Geolocation tracking ensures that help can reach much faster without error

Help & security for all

Be it a women traveling alone, a child or a senior with heart attack the app helps anyone and everyone

Network of volunteers

Ever increasing network of volunteers means no body's left without help and nowhere's is out of reach

Panic Button

RescueBell app has Panic button. Tap this button 3 times in rescue situation.

Help is Nearby

App will search other users nearby and sends request for help.

Communicate Together

once volunteers has accespted the request everyone can communicate in panic room.

Use multimedia

Use Gallery section in panic room to take pictures and videos for the evidence.


Download app

You can download rescubell app from the google play store. Click the link below to download app.